SysForTech boosts leads by 53% with SEOBull.

Sysfortech offers innovative cloud contact centre solutions that empower mid and enterprise-size businesses to deliver excellent customer experience across all communications and messaging channels faster and easier. They are at the forefront of technological innovations and market trends for communication. Sysfortech invests heavily in research and development to bring those innovations to customers and partners around the globe.

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The Problem

We were facing problems with the visibility of our band on Google search results. This was the primary reason for the problem with our SEO process.

We had entered an already overcrowded marketplace being dominated by our competitors to get the top rank in Google’s search results. Our competitors could secure these top places because of their improved SEO strategy, which we lacked.

To find the solution to this problem, we decide to approach SEObull.

SEObull offered us those unique keyword niches to increase our rankings and improve our Google search results visibility. Since we aimed to dominate our local and international markets, we think our decision to approach SEObull would be perfect. And we were right with our hypothesis as SEObull devised a geo-focused and nuanced SEO strategy for us.

The Goal


Position the site to become a critical player in SAAS services worldwide.


Implement quick-wins optimizations following the site’s proper on-page SEO.


Support the deployment of technical, editorial, and conversion actions on all pages.


SEO audit, strategy definition, and integration support.


Mobile optimization of the site with AMP pages.

The Five Step-Tier solution by SEObull.

Preparing the Landing Strategy

To make our landing strategy meticulous, SEObull used its copy-optimizing software and created landing pages and blog posts for us. These pages and posts were built strategically to focus on our brand and services. We improved our on-site content, but it also helped it ascend across the ranks. These content improvements resulted in a higher search engine ranking of our site.

The mobile version of the site was also optimized as it meets the AMP criteria for better results and an increased ROI of the capital we were investing.

Technical SEO Strategies and On-Page Optimizations

Since we have a large site (more than 3k pages), one of the main problems we faced was concentrating our link equity on the pages that matter the most. After taking SEObull services, our site became more structured as it started using the header to get routed on the landing pages and achieving higher ranks on Google. SEObull also added structured data markup so that search engines can display auction information based on event and location. This, in turn, improved our click-through rates (CTRs) in Google Search Console.

Site Migration, Structure, and DevOps

While the process of migrating our site to Google Cloud Platform (GCP), our team was working in close connection with SEOBULL. With GCP, our site managed to host itself on a production-grade infrastructure, thus allowing us to scale our site while its traffic grew. During the migration of our site’s URL oaths, we were able to create a comprehensive URL map that ensured the complete transfer of our URLs from the old site to the new URL paths.

Due to this, we prevented any of our URLs from becoming invisible or facing any 404-errors. The collaboration with SEOBULL increased our search engine visibility by almost 15%. Also, one of our greatest fears was losing all of our existing visibility and keyword rankings due to improper monitoring of the URL migration. Another factor that exacerbated this fear was the search engine’s struggles with crawling and indexing the new URL maps. However, SEOBULL’s team was expert in its work and provided us with comprehensive guidance throughout this migration process.

Site Growth

We asked SEOBULL to conduct an overall audit on our site so that any toxic or spammy backlinks can be eradicated. Responding to our request, SEOBULL ensured to set up a monthly updating procedure for executing a high-scale outreach campaign to improve the audacity of our backlink profiles. Moreover, our domain authority was boosted to a large extent as SEOBULL secured a very large number of backlinks. SEOBULL’s link-building campaigns also targeted particular foreign markets other than the U.S. to increase our reach.

Improved Content Strategy for Our Blog Posts and Landing Pages

SEOBULL utilized its copy optimizing software for creating landing pages and blog posts that demonstrate our authority over keyword searches. Our on-page content was improved, and our site also managed to secure higher ranks radically in the Google searches.


SEOBULL’s meticulous strategic and data-driven SEO strategy for our website proved to be beneficial to us in many ways. The amount of organic traffic almost quadrupled on our site, which, in turn, became the most influential driver of our increased revenue. Our collaboration has proved to be beneficial for both of us. Now, we look forward to working together with SEOBULL in the upcoming future to ensure a perfect strategic partnership.

SysForTech Testimonial

Our collaboration with SEOBULL is qualitative and based on exchanges. The question of referencing is not fully mastered internally, and we needed an expert, structured partner with a real long-term vision. For a first-year, the results are more than encouraging. We will allow ourselves to be more ambitious and demanding for this new year! SEOBULL in 1 word? ” The quality and productivity you want from a specialized SEO Testing Service provider company”

Ryan K.

(CEO of SysForTech)